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Dennis Coffee Garden (DCG) is not just about coffee, it is also about legacy, culture, community, passion and advocacy. Its creation is built on the following objectives:
To Preserve Culture and to Take Pride in our National Identity

DCG is for preservation of culture because preserving our culture is protecting our identity as people. We may be a mixture of different ethnic and religious cultures due to our historic past, but the Filipinos of today should think and act as 'one identity' - let go of regional biases and shake off traces of colonialization. We have to embrace diversity and encourage harmonious co-existence, if we want to see ourselves alongside developed nations we look up to.

Culture is a powerful driver of economic and social development. In its desire to help build the community, DCG has embarked on a small step towards preservation of cultural heritage.

To Take Part in Community Building by Supporting Local Businesses

DCG is also in a mission to promote a campaign towards "Locavorism". Patronizing local products/services is a great contribution to developing our community. The place we live in is a product of what we do as an individual, as a family and collectively as a community. When we are strong locally, we can compete globally. It is time that we raise very high awareness about supporting homegrown brands today, so that they too can be among the popular global brands of tomorrow.

To Inspire OFWs to Pursue Sustainable Opportunities in the Philippines

It is no doubt, that working abroad has helped so many Filipino families improve their lives, financially at least. However, it has taken the OFW half of his lifetime living away from home and it is a temporary solution, especially in the current scenario where "nationalization" is strongly promoted in places where most OFWs are deployed.

DCG aims to inspire OFWs that there is hope of a better life back in the Philippines. There are opportunities in the Philippines which are sustainable, and which will give OFWs the chance to make a difference in their community by sharing their expertise and the valuable knowledge and experiences they have acquired while working abroad. Most importantly, OFWs can give their families the most precious gift of all... time spent together.

Finally, all of these little goals will have an impact on one big goal, that is, to help build the community and consequently help build the country.