San Jose Road, Zamboanga City
09054934382 or 0629571131
"We care enough to brew for the community, everyday!"
Great hospitality has a new address... Dennis Coffee Garden opens its doors... for you!

Value Creation
  • Preserving a third generation tradition of brewing coffee for the community
  • Expanding presence in the city - allowing others to experience Sulu's coffee culture, without the need to travel
Vision Statement
To be among the world's well-loved coffee chains, as we share our coffee culture with the global community
Mission Statement
To preserve an age-old coffee culture through the revival of a traditional cafe. Ensure sustainability by focusing on training and development, harnessing of local resources for community benefit, and utilizing the power of systems and innovation to meet evolving customer demands.
Sulu Coffee
Sulu Coffee is always described as having very good taste and tempting aroma. Many attribute this to the fertile agricultural land and ideal climate in Sulu. It is loved not only by local coffee drinkers but also coffee lovers in various parts of the country.
"A selection of delightful native delicacies and a good ambiance to go with it!"